QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow do you handle unexpected changes in a project?
admin@learningfort Staff asked 8 months ago

How do you handle unexpected changes in a project?

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admin@learningfort Staff answered 8 months ago
On a recent project I managed, I received a change request from the customer that would extend the application’s reporting capabilities. My first step was to learn as much as I could about the new features being requested and then to assess their effects on the project. I discussed the proposed changes with several team members, and we identified what it would take to make them. I then spoke to the relevant stakeholders, making it clear how the change would impact the budget and schedule. After I got their approval, I updated the project plan and informed the rest of the team we were moving ahead with the new features.
A couple of team members weren’t happy about the changes, so I spent time reviewing the details with them and listening to their concerns and suggestions. I made a few adjustments to the plan based on their feedback, which went a long way in appeasing their concerns. In the end, we turned out a better product, and the customer was pleased.

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