QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow do you make sure you keep developing professionally?
Samson asked 2 years ago
dorothy dave replied 2 years ago


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admin@learningfort Staff answered 2 years ago
The simplest way to make sure you stay on top of professional development is to embed several strategies into your day-to-day activities. Whether through formal learning in the classroom or through informal ways like networking. There are tons of ways to develop new skills:
  • On-the-job learning happens when you are given opportunities (or seize them for yourself) to work with new colleagues and learn new abilities.
  • Coaching and mentoring are commonly part of human resource strategies at structured organisations. You can also seek out your own professional development network by employing your own professional career coach or staying in touch with mentors who help you on your career path.
  • Structured learning in the classroom (online and in-person) is offered by educational institutions or professional organizations and can run for several weeks or entire semesters.
  • One-off workshops and seminars are often provided by professional organizations and can be great opportunities to build networks and learn about new trends in specific fields.
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